Wedding Cakes

Congratulations on your engagement! If you’re looking for a wedding cake that is both beautiful and delicious, I can definitely help! The best way to get a good quote on on wedding cake is to attend a consultation. I schedule these Tuesday-Thursday and can accommodate almost any time during the day or evening. During the consultation, we’ll talk about your wedding decor and vision for the cake, if you have one — or we’ll dream one up together 🙂 You’ll also have a chance to sample cakes and frostings to determine the flavors for your order.

Outside of the consultation, it’s hard to give an accurate quote because flavors, decor, etc. all play a role in the price, but to give you a basic idea — most cakes are $2.50-4.50 per serving. Additional costs that might come into play are delivery, cost of flowers or embellishments, etc. I am also happy to think through creative solutions to help keep costs reasonable, when needed.
If you’re interested in booking a consultation, let me know! We’ll sit, enjoy some cake, and get some concrete details together! It’s a fun experience!